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  • Fozzy
    Hi mate I thought this would be perfect to share with you, just before Christmas I sponsored my favourite sculptors for £1500 through my company because when we've cooperated with them in the past they were so nice and humble and their skill is just incredible. I didn't expect them to contact me directly about it but was cheered up massively when I got this message from them on my birthday:

    'Both Lars and I want to wish you a happy new year as well, and all the best for 2020.

    We have both h...  more
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  • Fozzy
    Just remembering one of the rare opportunities I got to do something good.
    i found a designer wallet stuffed full of money, cards and personal items on the floor of a dark street whilst walking home from work.
    With a little detective work I found the owner, called her and she called to my house to collect it, she was chuffed but I've felt good about it ever since so I feel like it had value beyond cash.
    Anyway check out the date in the top right corner, thanks for bringing this site to realit...  more
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