About Prefvaeo

Prefvaeo is the hero in you innocent

Users come together to:

  • post good deeds, random acts of kindness, charitable work and anything else they do for others, the planet or its inhabitants.
  • share stories of other people doing good things.
  • share motivational content ... stories, videos, pictures and quotes - anything happy or positive.
  • create Groups or Events so people can engage and help their communities.
  • support each other in doing good things.
  • promote charities.

How does it look?

  • news feed like Facebook (old layout)
  • works around your username not real name, the same as Twitter
  • creates a list of all the good things you do, like a CV on LinkedIn


Prefvaeo is designed around anonymity and privacy of the users.

Only your username will show by default when you register, so no-one will know who you are unless you want them to.

We don't want your phone number "for security" or any other reason.