About Prefvaeo

Prefvaeo is the social media site where good people create and share stories to change and inspire the world.

We come together to:

  • Post good deeds, random acts of kindness, charitable work and anything else we do for others, the planet or its inhabitants.
  • Share stories of other people doing good things.
  • Share motivational stories, videos, pictures and quotes.
  • Create Groups or Events to help engage and change communities for the better.
  • Help support each other to do good things.
  • Give people suffering with any mental health issues a safe place to focus on positive things and associate with positive happy people, and give them a place to create chat groups to help them and others talk privately and safely.
  • Promote the charities we support.
  • Avoid online negativity prevalent on other social media.

Prefvaeo revolves around your username just like Twitter, and is designed for anonymity and privacy.

Only your username will show by default when you register, so no-one will know who you are unless you want them to.
(you can change this in your settings)

People cannot search for your real name or email address, so users can be anonymous as they want.